Sunday, March 30, 2008

What a week....another 4.6 lbs....gone!

Well, I honestly didn't know what to expect this week. On Wednesday, I was stressed and I ate a bunch of mini candy bars....probably 400 calories worth. On Thursday....I didn't do much better.

I did exercise all week except Wednesday and increased my intensity in one set of videos.

The hard part was, over these last 12 weeks, this was the first time I'd really sought the false intimacy of food for comfort again. Both Wed and Thursday I ate late at night, all carbs, and pretty significant amounts, at least I thought.

so when I weighed in this morning, I had very low expectations, and when the scale rang out 234.4 I simply couldn't believe it. Blown away.

I'm resting today. Didn't go crazy with food. but didn't keep track either. Which is still an issue. My "free" day is an exercise in realizing how much work I still have left, even though I do better than I did before. But that's for another blog post another time.

On Thursday I weigh in for the Biggest Loser comp here in Wichita. I need to weigh 229. I have no doubt that in 4 days I can, at the very least, lose enough water weight to weigh in. Which is exciting.

I still need to keep working and I still have the YS loser comp too. But the real game, is getting to my goal and keeping it off.

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Catholic Okie said...

Howdy ! I was wondering what were final weigh - in at Play it Again Sports was for the biggest loser contest ...I am in the contest and have found the scales there a couple pounds 'heavy"....
peace ,