Thursday, December 28, 2006

Progress...not perfection

Okay, I’m back…it’s been a while.  I haven’t worked out very much.  I haven’t counted my calories.  I’ve over eaten.  I’ve eaten lots of chocolate. I’m afraid of the scale.


But I’m back.  I worked out today with the cycle class and did 20 min on the stairmaster.  I’m going to count my calories today and I’m going to keep working out and being active.  And this time next year, I will be less than 200 lbs.  And what a day that will be.  I can’t wait!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Last Wichita Eagle Article

1 challenge pounds


The Wichita Eagle


They're disappointed -- and delighted. They missed their combined goal by nearly 50 pounds -- but they say that without the WichiTalk Weight-Loss Challenge, they wouldn't have lost the 107 ½ pounds they did. Their faces and bodies definitely show the results of their efforts. In September, WichiTalk introduced six Wichitans who agreed to go public with their three-month effort to lose weight. They set their own goals and decided what approach to use.

This is the final report on the group, just in time to help you think about the pitfalls and successes ahead if losing weight is one of your New Year's resolutions. Watch for more advice to help you along, beginning in the Jan. 2 WichiTalk.

The first advice from our team members: Enlist a friend or two. All six said being part of a group made it easier to stick with their efforts, even though they got together only twice -- at the beginning and the end.

Reach Karen Shideler at 316-268-6674 or

Tom Allen

Bio: Age 43. Married with three children. Teacher and coach at Northwest High School.

Goal: 40 pounds. Lost 10.

Weekends and the "battle with snacks" kept him from losing more. He has begun to work out and hopes to continue to "improve my health at a slow and steady pace."

His advice: "Most important is to find a way to motivate yourself, and work to be a better you."

Jamie Goltz

Bio: Age 23. Married. Does secretarial-clerical work for Army National Guard.

Goal: 25 to 30 pounds. Lost 30, in part because she got sick.

With her doctor's permission, she wants to continue losing a pound here and there as her pregnancy progresses. Her baby is due in May, and her doctor told her that the heavier she is, the harder it will be to deliver.

Her advice: Go with what you believe in, and don't try to overdo it. Read labels and watch portion sizes.

Toni Harden

Bio: Age 46. Single with two children. Para educator at Wells Special Education Center.

Goal: 20 to 30 pounds. Lost 11.

She will continue to work out daily and to try to lose more, by counting calories and watching fat intake. "Working out first thing in the morning seems to be the best for me."

Her advice: Plan before you eat. Take the extra time to plan your meals for the whole week, and plan snacks, too.

Crystal Iseman

Bio: Age 26. Married, three children. Stay-at-home mom, day-care provider and college student.

Goal: 25 pounds. Lost 18 ½.

Losing weight was easy at first -- as time went on, not gaining became reason to celebrate. "I have realized that I am doing much better just losing a pound or so a week, so it doesn't feel like I am depriving myself."

Her advice: Find a weight-loss buddy. Take a few days off if you're getting burned out -- but don't overdo it. Focus on size instead of the scale: "Size can change quite a bit without the scale moving much, because of working out." Enlist the support of your spouse, friends and family.

Andrea McClellan

Bio: Age 31. Married with two children. Stay-at-home mom.

Goal: 25 pounds. Lost 15.

"I am doing it right this time around." The weight is staying off, and "If it takes me two more months to slowly reach my goal, that is fine with me." As a result of losing weight, she's using her inhaler less often for her asthma. "How awesome is that?"

Her advice: Set your mind to it. Only you can be in charge of the weight loss. Listen to the voice in the back of your head that says, "Don't eat that! What about all the hard work you did today?" Don't listen when it says, "Boy, I sure would like to eat that last piece of pie." At the drive-through, get a kids' meal with apples instead of fries (skip the dipping sauce) and give the toy to someone special -- yourself!

Ken Rawson

Bio: Age 30. Married with three children. Director of student ministries at First United Methodist Church.

Goal: 15 pounds. Lost 23.

Waking up early to work out was tough. Keeping a food journal and counting calories was inconvenient. But it worked. He has signed up for the KSN/Play It Again Sports Biggest Loser Competition (see box) and will keep doing what he has been doing.

His advice: Get involved with a group or friend, and join a message board. Keep a food log. Count calories. Get a workout DVD. Get off the couch: "Anything that you do is better than nothing." You may not lose as much as the people on TV, but "the feeling of fitting in my clothes, moving my belt another notch, feeling great, living a healthier life for my kids and sweet wife, and watching the man on the inside slowly emerge from the man on the outside have been the greatest rewards so far."

Reach Karen Shideler at 316-268-6674 or

Another challenge

Play It Again Sports and KSN are partnering for their version of Wichita's Biggest Loser. Participants, who must be at least 18, must register at the stores, at 8815 W. 13th St. or 11309 E. Kellogg, by Jan. 31 and will have 90 days to lose weight. For more information, visit the stores.

-- Karen Shideler


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm a slacker

Today is Tuesday and I chose to sleep in a warm bed instead of sweating this morning. I suck. Yesterday I overslept and this morning I didn't want to get out of bed and go sweat. But I wish I had.

Tomorrow is a new day and if I do a good job eating, then I'm still ahead of the game.

My goal for my Friday weigh in...1 pound. Just to get to 258 and be officially 30 pounds less, that will be GREAT!

Well...The Eagle article is over and comes out Dec. 19th

Here is your spoiler...I won! Pretty cool. I kinda feel bad that 23 pounds is what won the Eagle story challenge. I thought I would really lose a lot more. And when you put 23 pounds against the amounts of weight people lose on the Biggest Loser, 23 seems pretty small.

One of the girls didn't even show up. So that kind of stunk. But five of us got together to hang out, take our pics, and stuff. So it's all over except that we can post our final weight loss on Dec. 15th for the article.

I am super grateful to Karen for doing this and taking a chance on us. Way cool. And I seriously don't know if I would be 23 pounds lighter had she not done the article. And it's set me up for cointinuing on. And that's huge.

It is really fun to win, though. LIke I said, I wish I had more to brag about than 23 lbs, but it's still 23 lbs. And it's 29 total. So that's cool. I don't know if I'll end up with the $50 as I think they were going to do a drawing for the $50 and one of us was going to win it, not neccessarily the biggest loser.

And again, the cool thing is that I'm set up to do this new Biggest Loser challenge. I know how hard it is to really do this, where a lot of people won't make it. But I don't think 23 lbs is going to do it for the new challenge.

Monday, December 04, 2006

My latest update I'm sending to the Eagle

Well, today is the last day of the Eagle’s weight loss challenge.   Here is the update I sent Karen.


From: Ken Rawson
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006 2:39 PM
To: 'Karen Shideler'
Subject: RE: See you Monday!


Karen!!!  While I am probably not going to end up as the winner, I just wanted to again, thank you for this opportunity!  I don’t think I’d be 29 pounds lighter without your help!  Thanks so much!


See below for the answers to the questions.  And thanks again!





From: Karen Shideler
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 1:27 PM
To: Ken Rawson;
Subject: See you Monday!



I'm getting ready to leave the office for an out-of-town conference but will be back in plenty of time to see you at the Y on Monday -- Central Y, pix at 6:30 p.m. SHARP (if I have my way). I'll try to be there by 6.
PLEASE WEAR something you couldn't before or something you just feel great in. We decided boxy red T-shirts wouldn't be the best way to show off the new you!

Here's your homework. I'd love for you to e-mail me your responses sometime Monday or bring a printout with you. If not, you get to stay after class to chat with me!

1. How much did you lose? (Weigh anytime Monday for the final number). How did that compare with your goal?

[Ken Rawson] I lost a total of 23 pounds.  I gained three pounds during the Thanksgiving holiday and lost those three pounds last week.  So I’m still at 23.  My goal was 15 so I feel great that I made my goal.  I wish I would have treated this more seriously and really tried to lose as much as I could have.  But losing weight is really so difficult! 


2. How hard was it to lose weight? Did being part of this group make it harder or easier? Why?

[Ken Rawson] Waking up every morning at 4:45 AM to go work out at the Y was tough.  Keeping a food journal and counting calories was inconvenient.  But keeping from emotional eating and snacking out of boredom was really difficult.  Being a part of this group and competition gave me the drive to really take my weight loss seriously.  Having people ask me how it’s going was big encouragement to not slack.  And hearing friends who have been reading the articles was so affirming.  I don’t think I’d have had the initiative to change my lifestyle without being a part of this group.


3. Where do you go from here? Are you going to try to lose more, maintain what you've lost, or dig into something you've denied yourself for the past three months? What have you learned about what you need to do? (See Ken's blog, below)

[Ken Rawson] As previously noted I’ve joined the YMCA’s Battle of the Bulge to get me through the holidays.  I’ve also signed up for KSN’s and Play it Again Sport’s Biggest Loser competition which runs for 90 days.  I still have a lot of weight to lose so I’m going to keep doing what I have been doing and take it even more seriously.   There are several things that are important that I’ve got to do to be successful.  Exercising in the morning is part of that.  When I don’t exercise in the morning, I rarely, and I mean RARELY, make time to exercise later on.  Also, I’ve got to stick to my counted calories and logging them in my food journal.  It is a lot easier to lose weight by controlling the calories I’m digesting instead of the calories I’m burning.  In one hour I burn 750 calories.  If I do that, then I can burn 1 pound, ONE crappy pound, in five days.  One pound = Five hours of cardio work.  WOW!  Also, my body burns 2500 calories a day.  So if I limit myself to 1500 calories, and I’m doing an hour of cardio for five days, I’ll burn at least 3 lbs a week.


4. What advice do you have for readers? This is the part I'd really like you to focus on, because this wrapup will also have sort of a "here's help for making your own New Year's resolutions" feel to it.

[Ken Rawson] 1.  Join the Biggest loser challenge with KSN and Play it Again Sports.  Just don’t lose as much weight as me so I can win the money.  My sweet wife and I would like to adopt a baby and could really use that $5,000.  So if you join, please sabotage yourself for my sake.  I’ll really appreciate it.


2.       Get involved with a group or find a friend to do this with.  I’ve been doing a cycling class on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the Y and more times than they probably know, their encouragement, camaraderie, and friendship has been the motivation I needed to go workout. 


3.       Keep a food log and count your calories.  Whenever I don’t do this, I slip up.  I’ll eat stuff without thinking about it and I’ll eat bad stuff that won’t help me achieve my goal.


4.        Get a workout DVD.  Sure I look like a dork and I feel like a complete idiot doing exercise videos at home, but after I lose 400 calories and am a sweaty mess, I’m feeling pretty dang good!


5.       Join a message board on the internet.  Two message boards that I check out are and  The first one is for the tv show The Biggest Loser and the second one is from WebMD.  You’d be amazed at the stories out there of people who have really lost weight and become healthy.  It’s so encouraging!!!


6.       Get off the couch.  Really.  Just do something.  Anything that you do is better than doing nothing.  If you lose one measly pound a week, after a year, it looks pretty good!  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, eat an orange instead of a bag of chips, skip the bread at Carabba’s, build a snowman with your kids, play with your spouse, whatever!


5. Anything else?

[Ken Rawson] While losing 23 pounds has not been as earth shattering as the people on the TV show “The Biggest Loser” the feeling of fitting in my clothes, moving my belt another notch, feeling great, living a healthier life for my kids and sweet wife, and watching the man on the inside slowly emerge from the man on the outside have been the greatest rewards so far.  Thank you for taking a chance on this story and giving me an opportunity to not just share my life with other people, but providing the impetus of change that was so needed.


You rock!





If you haven't looked at Ken's blog lately, check it out. I especially liked this paragraph:

The bad news:  Last time I weighed in, I was at 259.  Today I am 262.  That sucks.  I wasn’t planning on gaining weight back.  But I only worked out 3 times and I didn’t count my calories and I ate when stressed.  I know better.  If I don’t count calories, if I don’t physically write it down, I can’t control myself.  And when I’m stressed, I need better methods of relief.  I’m amazed at how weak willed I am and how easily I’ll go back to my fat self if I don’t take this seriously.

I don't see Ken as weak-willed at all -- and I am delighted at the insight he has about the necessity to take health seriously, and about what he needs to do to get there.

You all have been awesome. Thanks for all your help -- and see you Monday!


Thanksgiving Redemption

Alright, I weighed in this morning and I'm back to 259. This is the weight I weighed before thanksgiving.

Couple thoughts here: 1. Although I worked out Mon-Friday and twice on Mon and Tues, on Thursday-Sunday I didn't eat as well as I could have. That is so frustrating because I was really hoping to be at 248 and I'm still 11 pounds away from that.

2. I haven't lost any more weight for the Eagle contest so I may not win that, and that stinks. I was really hoping for that. So my total weight loss for that is 23 lbs, I started at 282 and now weigh 259. My goal weight was 15 pounds and I made that. So that is good.

3. What else is good is that when I started this blog I was at 282. And I'm 29 pounds from there. Again.

4. What is even better is that when I weigh in on Friday, I will AT LEAST be at 258 which will be 30 pounds, and that's great. My next biggie will be 248 which if I lose that by Christmas will be the best gift of all.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update and Another Biggest Loser Competition

Well, this week has been super fast!!! I did two workouts on Monday, two workouts on Tuesday, and good workouts on Wed, Thurs, and Friday. Yesterday's eating wasn't good, but the other days were fine. Sooooo...I'm so hopeful that Monday's weigh in will rock.

In other news, KSN and Play it Again Sports are teaming up to do a Kansas' Biggest Loser and this time it's for real cash! $5K and $3,500 in furniture! Dude, that's some motivation!!! And it's free! Wild!

So I weighed in with my clothes on and I think it was 264 3/4. The rules are that you have 90 days to lose as much weight as you can and you can only lose a max of 2% a week. So they give you a shirt, some official biggest loser info, take your pic, weigh you, etc. So I can lose a max of 68 lbs by Feb 27th!

Dude, if I did that I would wiegh lesss than 200 lbs!!! That would be so freaking sweet!!! So that's some sweet motivation! The only catch will be that people who weigh more than me can lose more. I guess there are some guys who weighted in at 400+ lbs.

I guess the owner of Play It Again Sports is a big fan of the show and wanted to do it and is pretty serious about doing it as well. He lost 16 lbs. the first week! I want to write hime and thank him for doing this. Way cool.

My only advantage is two fold: #1 it's the holidays and people, including me, are pretty weak during the holidays. #2 from doing this Wichita Eagle thing, I know how really difficult this is to do on your own. It's really hard for me.

But I love the opportunity to win big. And I love the spirit behind it. I'm so grateful for the Eagle because I don't know if I would be nearly 30 lbs lighter if I hadn't done this! So I'll be even more grateful for the Play it Again Sports thing if I can lose 30-60 more!!!! That would so rock!

Here's a link to the info. Way cool. good luck!