Monday, March 10, 2008

Woo Hoo!!! 245 lbs....'s 244.4, but I'm saying 245. I had an 8 day week last week instead of seven, so with being one day behind, I'm giving my self a .6 lb jumpstart for next week.

Not only am I only 15 lbs away from the Play it Again Sports goal, which two months ago seemed absolutely impossible, I was away on a youth trip this weekend with temptation all around!

We left on Friday and I simply packed a dinner. Saturday, I ate a HUGE breakfast (900 calories) knowing that I may possibly not be eating lunch or dinner. For lunch they were having chick filet and dinner, Pizza. So I grabbed two apples and two oranges from the hotel and had them along with only the fried chicken part of the sandwich for lunch.

I skipped the pizza and took the students out to ice cream where I had a rasberry lemonade smoothie made from lemonade sorbet.

Sunday morning I had a good breakfast at the hotel. With all kinds of muffins and rolls and sugar and biscuits and gravy, it was a temptation. But I did great and chose a couple boxes of raisen bran cereal and had an english muffin and a sausage pattie. then for lunch we went to mcdonald's where I had a hamburger and an ice cream cone (400 calories total).

anyway, there is so much more I could bore you about, but the end result was 6.6 lbs loss in 8 days and that's HUGE! I can't even remember when I weighed 244 lbs!!!! (of course I mean 245 ;^) )


Matthew McNutt said...

Awesome! Keep it up, man!

Ken said...

McNutt!!! thanks bro!