Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big week: 5 lbs, only 10 to go!

At this stage of the game, 5 lbs is HUGE! after only losing one last week, I was really hoping for a great week. I would have loved 5 lbs but didn't expect it at all and pretty much assumed I'd still be in the 240's.

not today though! 239!!! I'm only 10 pounds (and 12 days) from my goal weight for the local competition here! that is so sweet!

I worked out hard this week. Ate really well with the occasion of a couple hundred calories over on Friday night. It's nice to have a day off before hitting it again! and losing 5 lbs is great motivation to not consume a bunch of crap today, Easter Sunday.

I think losing 5 lbs will be a big gain for me on the Marko contest too, so that is sweet!

239! wow! that is 70 lbs in 11 weeks. simply amazing! only 9 pounds from how much I weighed when I got married in 1997! I simply cannot wait!!!!

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Matthew McNutt said...

DUDE. Absolutely amazing!