Thursday, August 30, 2007

One year later...7 lbs less

So this year has sucked. I can blame it on writing two books, but really, i didn't do that till the spring. After the newpaper article I just totally lost my drive. And I gained weight.

I was worried that I would have gained it all back. And be more. Like OVER 300.

So I went on MOnday and weighed in....281....whew! While it sucks to be at that number it's nice to not have gained more back. So I worked out Monday and Tuesday and today, Thursday.

I know I'm lame, but when I work out, man, my whole life is better. I feel better, I feel more confident, I'm proud of myself, I get a good start on the day, I eat better, I'm more help at home.

Even knowing all of that, this morning at 5:00 am...I was still having a hard time getting up! But I did. And then I was sore. (but not as sore as Wed). And then the Y was hard. But i did it. And i know from last year, that the pain will subside and I'll feel even better still.

The secret really is in the eating though. I need to count my calories and eat wisely and then it'll be so sweet.

So I'm back. And that's good.