Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My first real jog

In Dr. H's book, he talks about every morning going out for an hour jog/walk. That sounds as exciting's not. I'd rather go to the Y and watch TV while I sweat.

But I really want to follow his instructions and today I gave it a shot. I jogged for 3 minutes, then did his recommended Dynamic Warm Up which lasted another 12 minutes. Then I jogged...and jogged...and walked....and jogged....and walked...and jogged....(you get the idea)...for 30 minutes then turned around. At an hour I stopped and just walked home ( a little more than half a mile).

then I took my sweet wife and Charis and we drove my track. Dr. H reccomends running at a pace of 5 miles an hour being the goal. In one hour, I jogged and walked 5 and a half miles! And hit 7 miles with the before and after.

pretty cool. i've never done anything like that. It'll be more fun when my foot doesn't hurt afterwards and when it's not 30 degrees. burrrrrrrrrrr

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