Friday, April 25, 2008

A year later pics

Last year I took my kids on one of our church's mission trips and on the last day we stop off and take a tour of this glass art place and they have this cool gazebo of hand blown glass blue birds. I took a pic with Ciera and Noah last year.

We went back again this year and took another photo. It's amazing to see how big my kids have grown and conversely, how small I have gotten. The funny/sad thing is that this picture wasn't even at my heaviest and I weigh less than the newer pic.

I suppose they are momentos for the journey. Pretty cool.

(click on the pics to see them larger in a new window)


Mike said...

dude, huge change. good work in a year. Eskai has lost all of her weight on Weight Watchers. It is a great way to manage weight and changing habits. Just thoughts. Love ya man.

Ken said...

you are the man! thanks Mike! (when are you going to gain some weight, bro?!)